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Lubbock, TX


Nutritional Counseling Service in Lubbock, TX

If you're worried about your health and you're not sure what steps to take to improve it, you've actually just taken the right first step by visiting Alternative Medicine Center, a nutritionist in Lubbock, TX offering personal health consulting. When you work with Alternative Medicine Center, you'll get personal service and attention to meet your health goals.

Service Geared to You

When it comes to nutritional needs, no two people are alike. Perhaps you're unable to exercise due to an injury. Or maybe you're allergic to certain foods and need to eliminate them from your diet. Alternative Medicine Center provides customized personal health consulting to fit your life, your schedule, and your dietary requirements. With Alternative Medicine Center, you'll get:

  • A personal nutrition assessment
  • A detailed diet plan
  • Grocery and ingredient education

If you're looking to become a healthier, more confident version of yourself, it's time to look into personal health consulting from Alternative Medicine Center. Call today to learn more.